Why VGS?

Vienna Public School District #55 provides a quality Early Childhood through 8th grade education within our single building district.  The District offers students a comprehensive learning experience through engaging curriculum, the use of instructional technology, academic interventions, and innovative teaching and learning strategies. The entire district is strongly supported by local businesses and community organizations that take pride in all that we do for our students.  Vienna District #55 is an elementary/junior high feeder school to Vienna High School District #13.  Both districts work diligently together to better ensure college and career readiness for all of our students upon graduating high school.  We are committed to unlocking the potential of all of our students! 

At Vienna District #55, students are known, cared for and valued. We are committed to being student-first and we are committed to working with our parents to ensure that all of our student's learning experiences at Vienna District #55 are GREAT experiences. It takes everyone to meet and exceed the high expectations that we must have for all of our students.  The District #55 staff are excited about the opportunity to lead, guide, and facilitate meaningful learning experiences for our students.  We are also steadfast in our purpose, which is to "think-forward and work-forward" everyday.  We have to have a "growth mindset" for our students to become the leaders that we know they can be!

RAM Pride!!!
Vienna District #55 continues to be recognized as a distinguished learning organization - 

Vienna Public School District #55 has been recognized in a recent publication as an exemplar for public schools in Illinois.  Over the past five years, IFF - the largest nonprofit community development institution (CDFI) in the Midwest - completed Raising Quality, Promoting Equity: An Analysis of Location, Performance and Investment in Illinois Public Schools.  The study, supported by stakeholders from across the State's public education community, recommends a strategic and comprehensive approach to school improvement that combines performance, funding, and return on investment (ROI) to meet our State's goal of guaranteeing access to high-performing schools for every child.
Raising Quality Promoting Equity
Future Green Interview, June 2021


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